Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Episode 7.5- HKC's Heavy Metal Birthday 2011

A Very Special episode of the Inappropriately Named Podcast dedicated to film music! It's HKC's Heavy Metal Birthday!

I decided to stray away from the typical stuff I feature on the podcast this episode and dedicate it to me grasping frantically at the fraying ends of my youth and listen to some heavy metal bands that I really enjoy (and have for years)...

Well....basically, I took my mp3 player from my car and just transferred the playlist to the podcast. But it still features artists like:

Twisted Sister
Faith No More
Electric Frankenstein
Rose Tattoo
Fu Manchu
Ozzy,.....and MORE!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Episode 7 Good to Go (Sort Of)....

Episode 7 is up and ready HERE

Disclaimer: I recorded this as a way to get my mind off of how terrible I was feeling (I was sick as a dog earlier in the week)...but at least the music's still good. Enjoy!

Featuring tracks by:
Jackie Chan
The Beastie Boys
Concrete Blonde
Leonard Cohen...and more!